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    Petersburg Genealogists' Personal Pages and Sites


    From midshipmen to submariners (in Russian)

    An essay on year 1914 Naval Kadet Corps graduates.

    Author Sergey Anikin

    Srodniki of Migeil (in Russian)

    The research results information regarding Russian families of various origination.

    Author Mikhail V. Tarasov-Borisenko

    The Duboviks Story (in English, Polish, Russian)

    History of families bearing the Dubovik surname, list of representatives, noble coat of arms' pictures, list of sources. Original texts (in Russian translated from Polish) of documents signed by Polish King, Lithuanian Hetman and testaments. Virtual agency of Duboviks Club with on-line registration. Useful links on Internet.

    Author Stanislav O. Ekzempliarov

    Ural cossaks (in Russian)

    The review of 700 years history of Yaik (Ural) cossaks army, representing the Scandinavian version of its origination.

    Author Sergey Anikin

    Andrey Shumkov

    Personal Web-page of Andrey A. Shumkov.

    Author Andrey A. Shumkov

    Podgurski's Family Genealogical Club

    Information about people of Podgurski surname.

    Author Evgeni Y. Podgurski

    Genealogical Tree of Bovkalo family (in Russian)

    History and Lineage of Belarussian family of Bovkalo.

    Author Alexander A. Bovkalo

    Hyacinthus - Family Club of Jackiewiczs (in Russian, Polish)

    Family Club of people of Jackiewicz last name.

    Author Helen G. Jackiewicz-Popov

    Krukowski - the Samenamers Club (in Russian, Polish)

    Family Club of people of Krukowski last name.

    Author Anatoliy L. Krukowski

    The domestic archive history. Kirill Finkelshteyn homepage

    There are the stories about four generations of my children's ancestors: Finkelshteyn, Shepelenko, Afanas'ev, Alimov, Ahoon and Moiseev families. There were doctors and teachers, artisans and peasants, engineers and military officers, mullah and orthodox psalm-reader among them. The web site contains their life and time evidences: pictures, documents and memoirs about Crimea in 1915-1922, Tzarskoye Selo (famous St. Petersburg suburb) in the beginning of the XX century and World War II.

    Author Kirill Finkelshteyn
    URL (in Russian)

    Personal Web-site of V.A.Bronnikov including the history of the surname and Bronnikovs' Club.

    Author Vladimir A. Bronnikov

    History of Hasselblat family

    Coat of Arms, history and descendants of Swedish family of Hasselblat.

    Author Vitaly G. Hasselblat


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