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    Russian Genealogical Society News
    (all articles are in Russian)


    Issue 13. St.Petersburg, 2003

    Table of contents

    • A.V.Rodionov. The coastal settlements of the Onega Peninsula as a rich field for complex genealogical and genetic researches

    • A.S.Doubine. Family troubles among the Princes Nesvitsky

    • I.V.Sakharov. Papers given to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of N.N. Selifontov:
      1. The ancestors, family and kin of N.N.Selifontov (1835-1900)
      2. N.N.Selifontov's personal archives in the Russian National Library
      3. Further reflections on the question of N.N.Selifontov's birthplace
      4. Where and when was N.N.Selifontov's father born ?

    • Chronicle of the activities of the Russian Genealogical Society. May - June 2003

    • Index of names

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    Issue 14. St.Petersburg, 2004

    • Alla Krasko: Some pages of biography (5-7).

    • R.M.Abramian (Moscow). Armenian genealogical studies in Russia (8-12).

    • A.N.Akinshin (Voronezh). Sergei Goriainov (1849-1918) and his family connections (13-16).

    • A.A.Bovkalo. The Krasinsky (the Barons Clodt von Jurgensburg) (17-21).

    • G.V.Vilinbakhov. S.N.Troinitsky and his ex libris (22-25).

    • Z.B.Decoussar and A.V.Rodionov. "My peasant line…." A poem by Maxim Pinegin (26-30).

    • M.A.Dommes. K.A.Skalkovsky (1843-1906) and his family connections (31-38).

    • A.S.Dubin. Some little known archival sources of genealogical information (39-43).

    • M.Yu.Katin-Yartsev (Moscow). The origins of the Scalons (44-46).

    • M.Y.Medvedev. Genealogical data and the history of heraldry (with particular reference to the mediaeval history of certain European dynasties). (47-55)

    • M.O.Meltsin. The turbulent life of prince Vladimir Dolgorukov (56-60).

    • D.A.Mikhailov. The Barons Rosenberg (61-68).

    • Y.M.Piriutko. The Turgenev graves in the St.Lazarus Cemetery of the Alexandr Nevsky Lavra (69-73).

    • I.V.Sakharov. The Russian wife of Alexander Dumas Fils (74-77).

    • O.V.Stcherbatcheff (Moscow). Noble parishioners of Moscow churches during the 1750's (78-84).

    • S.O.Ekzempliarov. Information technologies at the service of genealogy (85-90).

    • A.L.Patrakova. Cheremetev conferences. 1990-2003 (91-100).

    • J.N.Poliansky. The School of Practical Genealogy in the Russian National Library (101-106).

    • List of publications and papers by Alla Krasko (107-120).

    • Index of names (121-124) (in Russian).


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